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Jyväskylän Tennisseura (JTS), Jyväskylä Tennis Club, was established in 1932. Our aim is to provide facilities and develop tennis in Jyväskylä, as well as make tennis accessible to everyone in Central Finland.

Currently, JTS has close to 500 members. We welcome people of all age and ability levels. Everyone is welcome! 

If you are interested in joining our practise sessions or want to know more, please contact our Head Coach Henri Bruun: henri.bruun(at)

Tennis in Jyväskylä: Where to play and how to book a court?
Winter season: During winter time you can play indoors at Jyväskylän Tenniskeskus, our tennis hall. These courts are located at Killeri (ca. 4 km from the city centre). There are four tennis courts and a badminton court in the hall. You can also play table tennis! Please bring your own equipment as we do not provide equipment hire. 

Address: Sykeraitti 5, 40630 Jyväskylä.

Summer season: During summer we have four clay courts at Killeri next to the tennis hall (Sykeraitti 5). In addition, we host six clay courts at Hippos (near the city centre, address: Rautpohjankatu 10, 40700 Jyväskylä). 

Summer prices at Hippos and Killeri (summer 2022)
13 €/h

Prices per hour at Jyväskylän Tenniskeskus since 1.9. 2021

TennisBadmintonTable tennis

6:00–10:0016 €11 €11 €
10:00–16:0022 €13 €11 €
16:00–22:0028 €17 €11 €
22:00–23:3016 €11 €11 €

7:00–23:3022 €12 €11 €

7:00–16:0022 €13 €11 €
16:00–22:0028 €17 €11 €
22:00–23:3016 €11 €11 €

Discounts: JTS-members, students, unemployed, seniors –2 €/h

To book a court, first you need to register into our online system here. You can also access our online booking system through our front page by clicking "Varaa Kenttävuorosi".

Please see instructions and guidelines provided in the pdf-document.

Now you are ready to go - book your court from here

 For more information about us, send us e-mail!

Jyväskylän Tenniskeskus - indoor courts
Jyväskylän Tenniskeskus - clay courts